Monday, 30 July 2012

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Welcome to Ritti desai escorts agency:
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While you try to protect yourself from the unreasonable escorts Delhi escorts too on their part try to protect their interests by taking their own safety measures. Delhi escort service providers try to protect themselves from the unscrupulous customers that they may come across in their career. Though not every customer that they come across will be a weirdo or a psychopath, they are forced to take a generalized approach to every customer to save themselves from unpleasant experiences. Here are some common safety measures the escorts take which you should know so that you don’t feel offended or feel uncomfortable.

Firstly, you need to provide your full name, address and contact information to your escort or to your escort service provider when you are booking your escort. Your Delhi escort service provider will make a cross check on your identity so that they know that you are a genuine customer and that you are not making some prank calls. Otherwise they have not other way of confirming that you are not making fool of them by making prank calls. Also your Indian Delhi independent escort has to know that you are not some antisocial element but a regular customer that is actually interested in their services.

Secondly your Delhi escort may want you to meet her in some public place rather than meeting you at your hotel room or your apartment. Though she may not want the entire date to be in a public place she will want at least the initial meeting to be in a public place until she establishes that you are a safe guy. Some escorts go to the extent of making a pre-date meeting the day before in some common place.

On the actual date with your escort she will want you to pay her in advance as soon as she arrives. This is to ensure that she gets paid for her service. in case you don’t have money or in case you should refuse to pay your Delhi escort service provider after having fun with her, she has no way of getting the money from you. so all the escorts not only the Delhi escort service providers but escorts all over the world follow this practice.